KU Students to Haskell University

As a scholar in higher education, the Haskell/KU Exchange Program aims to broaden your educational experiences through this partnership with a premiere tribal university.

Student Support

The KU NASS Coordinator serves as your primary point of contact for questions and guidance around enrollment, general questions and concerns about the exchange program and your Haskell experience.

Program Advantages 

  • Diverse Student Perspectives
  • Culturally Relevant Support
  • Predominantly Native American Faculty
  • Make New Friends
  • Free Parking

Program Eligibility

  • Continuing Undergraduate Degree Seeking Student
  • Full-time status, including Exchange Program course.
  • Good Academic/Social Standing
  • Meet Pre-Requisites.
  • Course Not Offered at KU
  • Follow Haskell Academic Calendar

Browse KU Schedule of Classes and search for courses ISP 204 and ISP 304 with Lori Hasselman listed as the instructor. If there are courses not listed under ISP 204 or ISP 304, you can find additional course offerings at the Haskell Course Schedule.